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Pavement & Patio installation

Building Solutions & More offers a modern approach to building. We have experience of Pavement & Patio Installation and can identify the best solution for your project.

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About Pavement & Patio Installation - Building Solutions & More

Building Solutions & More are specialising in Block Paving, Driveways and Patios. We offer a professional and reliable service with years of experience and expertise.
We provide a selection of samples and materials for our customers to choose from and offer advise every step of the way. We work with our customers to ensure their vision and end result is created.
We take pride in our accreditation and the high standards. We want to supply high a quality range of materials for our customers therefore we use all Marshall's Paving Products for all Block Paving, Driveways and Patios.

Services that we Provide
 - Block Paving
 - Patio Slabs
 - Tarmacadam
 - Brickwork
 - Patio Slabs
 - Brickwork
 - Fencing
 - Drive and patio Cleaning and Sealing
 - and more

What are the benefits?
A professionally designed and installed patio has many benefits including:
 - Dramatically improves the entire look of your home
 - Creates a unique outdoor living area
 - Provides the perfect place to relax in
 - Adds value to your property
 - An excellent area to entertain in

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