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Heath installation and rendering

Building Solutions & More offers a modern approach to building. We have experience of Heath Installation and Rendering and can identify the best solution for your project.

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About Heath Installation and Rendering - Building Solutions & More

As a company, we engage projects as both a specialist insulation render applicator, supplying and applying systems, or as a main contractor overseeing all aspects of an external insulation project.

Our emphasise is on providing a service with the capability to undertake all works activities associated with the upgrade of older housing stocks with a modern look and cheaper house running costs with the use of an external render.

The type of works associated with the application of insulation render being roofing up-grades and extensions, window and door replacements, plumbing alterations, access requirements and tenant liaison. The aspect of tenant liaison we is taken extremely seriously with a view to, "a happy tenant equals a happy Client".

As approved external insulation applicators in the London area we work closely with our material manufactures to ensure our clients are provided with the most effective products in respect of the individual projects and their requirements alike.

The combination of our years of operation within the industry and our desire towards continued training has allowed our team of dedicated staff to have absorbed a great wealth of knowledge and experience. The health and safety of our team and the general public is also at the forefront of our progression. All of our operatives have received a high degree of training ranging from first aid, asbestos awareness, gas awareness, manual handling and much more.

We also offer Internal Wall Insulation & Loft Insulation

Benefits of External Wall Insulation / Solid Wall Insulation

 - Provides greater warmth and comfort
 - Limited disruption during installation
 - Prevents condensation and mould growth
 - Reduces external property maintenance
 - Minimises damage to the environment
 - Financial advice available

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